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Chiropractors In Stratford upon Avon Striving To Promote A Standard Of Clinical Excellence In The Diagnosis & Treatment Of Pain & Injury.

The Pain and Injury Clinic, Stratford upon Avon’s the regions pre-eminent provider of services in the diagnosis, management and conservative treatment for a wide variety of painful conditions and injuries. Located within the Old Toll House on Clopton bridge, overlooking Cox’s Yard within the beautiful market town of Stratford upon Avon, this centre of clinical excellence is renowned for a friendly and professional approach, gentle and effective treatment, and superb clinical outcomes.

Our Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation Faculty is run by Doctors of Chiropractic, Benjamin James (Chiropractor), Jessica Nash (Chiropractor), and Oliver Hobkirk-Smith (Chiropractor).

Our Services

Please see below a list of the specialist services we offer within our clinics.

What Is Chiropractic In Stratford upon Avon?

Chiropractic is the world third largest primary healthcare profession after Medicine and Dentistry.

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) definition, chiropractic is: “a primary health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on general health”.

Chiropractor Stratford Upon Avon
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Why People See A Chiropractor In Stratford upon Avon.

Our modern, research driven approach to chiropractic in Stratford upon Avon, allows our Stratford upon Avon chiropractors to carefully select and utilise the chiropractic treatment and adjunctive physical rehabilitation that will aim to achieve the best possible result for you, in the shortest space of time, at the lowest possible cost, and with minimal disruption to your life.

Whether you’re suffering from acute pain following injury, trauma, surgery etc, or chronic pain, effective treatment is possible. Pain is not a trivial symptom and should not be ignored. Research shows pain is a potent stressor on peoples lives that interferes with normal recovery and functioning. When pain is controlled, patients suffer less, sleep better and have more vitality to enjoy daily activities.

Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic Consultation.

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Consultation and Diagnostic Service.

Your First Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic Appointment.

Our Stratford upon Avon Chiropractors begin by taking a thorough clinical history of your complaint, as well as a full past medical history, family history and history of other factors which can influence your complaint.

This will be followed by a comprehensive physical examination by a Stratford upon Avon Chiropractor, consisting of: orthopaedic, neurological, postural, and gait evaluation. It is this thorough approach to examination that assists our chiropractors in establishing factors that may be contributing to the complaint you’re suffering from.

Most patients we see in our Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic Clinic are suitable for Chiropractic care. However, if our chiropractors feel that further testing (i.e Blood tests) or investigative imaging (i.e An MRI scan, CT scan, Ultrasound scan, or X-ray) is required, we can refer you swiftly and efficiently to an appropriate specialist for such investigation.

You may not currently have a complaint, and might be looking to either: prevent future problem, keep fit and well, or optimise your sporting performance. In this case we can look at matters prospectively, seeking to identify factors which could predispose you to future problems in the future, especially if you have a close family member who suffers from such a complaint, or are involved in a sport where such problems commonly occur.

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Confidential Clinical Report of Findings.

Your Second Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic Appointment.

Immediately following your Consultation and Diagnostic Service Appointment, your Stratford upon Avon Chiropractor will take time to evaluate the findings of your case, and formulate an appropriate tailored plan of treatment / management of your condition. Thereafter, when returning to the Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic Clinic, we will sit down with you and discuss in full our conclusions. Our Stratford upon Avon Chiropractors will let you know:

A Diagnosis of your complaint: What it is, and what’s causing it.

A Prognosis of your case: How it’s expected to progress, or, how long it will take to get better.

An Outline of Proposed Treatment: Should we deem ourselves suitable for the management of your complaint, we will inform you of:

  • What we can do to help.
  • What you will be able to do, in order to help yourself.
  • What results you can expect.
  • The rate at which you can expect these results.
  • What this result will cost you in time and money. ‘We aim to make all costs involved in the management of your case known to you from the outset.’ Click here to see Our Costs.
  • If we feel that your complaint would be better managed by another clinician, the appropriate referral to that clinician will be made without delay.
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Stratford upon Avon Chiropractic Treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment in Stratford upon Avon will typically encompass a full range of gentle and evidence based conservative care procedures.

Ultimately each patients care is tailored to their case, taking into consideration their own personal requirements and preferences. We understand that patients may be anxious about treatment, and we endeavour to to our utmost to ensure comfort and reassurance. The care that we offer includes, but is by no means exclusive to:

Our Modern & Evidence-based Approach to Chiropractic In Stratford upon Avon.

Our Stratford upon Avon Chiropractors Ask The Same Question With Each And Every Patient…

Our renowned results and clinical outcomes have been achieved by developing a multi-faceted and evidence-based approach.

Pain can, and should be viewed as a global epidemic. It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults (20%) suffer from pain and that another 1 in 10 adults (10%) are diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Pain affects all populations, regardless of age, sex, income, race/ethnicity, and geography. Those who experience pain can experience acute, chronic, or intermittent pain, or a combination of the three.

The etiology of pain is complex, calling for a multidisciplinary approach to managing it. As Chiropractors in Stratford upon Avon, we work along side a number of allied healthcare professionals, such as: Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Podiatrists, General Practicioners, Physiotherapists, Physchologists, and Radiographers, to provide the most appropriate care for each patient.Pain also has multiple, serious sequelae including but not limited to anxiety and depression, inability to work, and disrupted social relationships. Those living with chronic pain, have on average experienced it for 7-years.

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What is the Difference Between Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, & Chiropractic in Stratford upon Avon?

In our view the main difference is merely… ‘the spelling’. Let us explain…

Each of these professions are essentially conservative (non-surgical) musculoskeletal care professions, and to us, it seems rather silly that we have three separate professions who are essentially doing the same, or at least a very similar thing.

If a Stratford upon Avon Chiropractor, an Osteopath, and a Physiotherapist assess and diagnose a patient effectively, and ask the question‘What’s the very best way that this patients complaint can be addressed?’, they should in theory each be carrying out exactly the same treatment / management. There is an optimum way to treat a patient, and each professional should be basing the care that they offer on the needs of the patient in front of them, and not professional ideology.

We see many patients who have been told that they need to see a Physiotherapist or an Osteopath. Likewise, we work alongside other Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

It’s our pleasure to look after a range of patients from the local areas of Stratford upon Avon, Warwick, Solihull, Redditch, Leamington Spa, Birmingham, Wootton Wawen, Claverdon, Knowle, Dorridge, Shirley, Hatton, Lapworth, and Hockey Heath etc.

We are also proud to attract professional sports men and women / athletes, and likewise patients with more chronic and complex problems from a host of major cities, further afield throughout the UK: Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Portmouth, Cambridge, Bournemouth, Oxford, London etc. Many patients who live further afield, we are able to support via Telehealth Consultation (Online Video Consultation).

If you would like to know about the services we can offer, please don’t hesitate to telephone 01564 89 80 80, email Stratford upon, or complete the form below.

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Excellence in the diagnosis, management, and conservative treatment of pain and injury.

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