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Orthotics are a prescription insole that fits into a person’s shoes. They are vastly different to insoles that you may purchase in the shops as they are designed to alter the structural or functional characteristics of the foot during gait. By altering the way someone walks orthotics can help prevent injuries, delay or halt deformities, reduce pain, improve sensory feedback and balance, optimise sports performance and preserve joint function. 

Orthotics should only be prescribed by a person who has specialist orthotic training, like a podiatrist or an orthotist. Some chiropractor and physiotherapist may have additional training to prescribe an orthotic. However, a full lower limb biomechanical assessment must be undertaken prior to any orthotic prescription. This is vitally important as an orthotic will alter the skeletal and neuromuscular system of the entire lower limb. Failure to fully assess the lower limb prior to prescribing a foot orthosis may thus result in injury / discomfort of the ankles, knees and hip.