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by | Feb 10, 2021

The body tells the brain when it is in danger (we call this ‘Nociception’), not when its in pain. Ultimately the brain is boss it doesn’t have to listen to the danger messages that come in from the body and may contribute to pain. Mind you, it is highly likely to listen to the danger messages coming in from a sore tooth when you visit the dentist, compared to the danger messages coming in from yesterday’s bruise when you are watching a great movie. There are lots of bosses in the body, but we reckon the brain is the ultimate boss. Remember though; sometimes bosses don’t listen, and sometimes they make decisions we find difficult to understand. The brain decides when you produce pain 100% of the time. It concludes a danger/safety balance using all the information it has available at that moment.

Adapted from Explain Pain Supercharged (2017), Lorimer Moseley & David Butler.